Tree Surgery in Cumbria

We have experience in all aspects of tree work including removals, crown raising & pruning, crown reductions and thinning. We are able to remove problem trees of any size and also offer stump grinding services if required.  Wall & Tree Cockermouth use a number of techniques from straight felling to technical dismantling and rigging to ensure trees are removed in the most appropriate way. We offer a complete chipping and clean up service as standard.

Working closely with other tree service providers ensures we can provide the best service to our customers  and are able to offer additional services  such as onsite firewood processing,  firewood delivery and tree surveys upon request.

tree lopping in and around cockermouth

Our tree surgery team are capable of carrying out all aspects of tree work, from pruning to multiple tree and stump removals. We are also able to completed council applications for work on trees covered by TPOs or that are subject to conservation area restrictions. We can arrange for tree surveys to be completed through our third party contractors.

If you would like to know more about our services please feel free to call for an informal chat.