Recent Projects

Declining Sycamore

After a similar sized tree blow over  in high winds and caused damage to outbuildings, Wall and Tree Cockermouth were asked to assess and if needed remove this leaning  sycamore.

During the assessment it was discovered that the mature sycamore had a large pocket of decay approximately half way up the main stem.

Although the tree was still structurally sound it was decided that removing the tree was the only viable option to ensure no further damage would be caused to the client’s property in the future.

Once the decision was made by the client, the tree removal  was completed in a single day.

Hedge Restoration (On-going)

A regular client asked if Wall & Tree Cockermouth could help restore an overgrown evergreen hedge along the boundary of their property.

The hedge was over 4 meters high at some points, and was over 2.5 meters in diameter.

Over two days operatives pruned back the front face of the hedge, and selectively removed the larger branches from the top, before roughly shaping the remaining smaller top branches.

Further work will be carried out in the future to formally shape the hedge and complete the restoration.

Sycamore Restoration

Wall & Tree Cockermouth were called after a large branch broke off an ivy covered Sycamore tree and hit a car in Cockermouth.

After completing all the relevant council applications, Wall and Tree Cockermouth were able to carry out a crown reduction to reduce the size of the tree while enhancing the overall shape of the upper crown.

We also removed the overgrown ivy and all deadwood branches from the tree to ensure that no further branches were likely to break free and cause a risk to the public.

Windblown Eucalyptus Tree

Wall & Tree Cockermouth received a call from a client after storms caused a Eucalyptus tree in their garden to uproot.

The tree was partially blown over and was dangerously close to damaging nearby buildings.  Upon inspection it was obvious that water had eroded the soil beneath the root plate causing the tree to become unstable.

Operatives from Wall and Tree Cockermouth were able to stabilize the tree so that it would not move during the night.

The following morning, using an arboriculture ladder to gain access to the higher limbs, we were able to dismantle the crown before removing the main stems and allowing the root plate to fall back into its original position.