Forestry Services in Cumbria

We have extensive experience of both commercial and private tree planting projects and have completed projects of varying sizes consisting of both native broadleaf trees and commercial conifers. We have been directly involved in planted over 75,000 trees in the past two years.

Our forestry team can remove single storm damaged or windblown trees and repair stock & dear fences and drystone walls, making us an ideal choice for clients who have stock to keep contained.

With experience and qualifications in pesticide use and application we are able to offer maintenance packages for newly planted plantations, nuisance plant control and pre planting treatments. All of which are carried out to minimise the impact on the environment.

Wall & Tree Cockermouth initially grew out a forestry background and as such can offer a range of forestry services to larger land owners, including felling, stock fencing, tree planting maintenance and weed control. we currently have ongoing work throughout Cumbria, the  borders and the north east or England and work as a contractor for local land agents.

pine forest planting in cockermouth cumbria